Elementary Leadership Position

Rehoboth Christian School is inviting applications for an elementary leadership position. This position is for a principal, or a vice-principal with the potential to assume a principal role in the future.

Applicants should have a clear vision of the purpose of Christian education and have the desire and ability to lead, develop, maintain and strengthen the elementary division according to the Vision, Mission and Guiding Principles of RCS.  As the preservation of the religious identity of RCS is a priority, the applicant will need to fully support the teachings of the NRC.

Applicants should have strong leadership, organizational and interpersonal skills. Administrative responsibilities include supervision and support of personnel and students, frequent verbal and written communication, collaboration with the school administrative and leadership teams on the educational program, curriculum, and professional development. Other responsibilities might involve various operational items such as committee involvement and overseeing budgets. Significant experience with the Ontario curriculum expectations and in teaching and school administration will be an asset. Applicants should be willing to commit to further education in school administration and educational leadership if deemed necessary.


Office Position

We are looking for an energetic person to join our office team! Since office personnel are often the ‘public face’ of the school, it is important that applicants be able to interact with students, parents, visitors and officials in a professional, confident and confidential manner, while promoting and modelling the Vision, Mission and Guiding Principles of our Christian school.

The ideal candidate would be a hard-working individual and be able to undertake a variety of office support tasks with a high degree of attention to detail and discretion. Applicants should possess strong verbal and written communication skills and be able to competently manage all regular office duties in an organized and efficient manner.  The ability to work with word-processing, desk-top publishing and spreadsheet software is essential. Applicants should also be willing to learn a variety of other software that is used within the school. Responsibilities may include, but is not limited to, procedures such as data entry, designing publications, record-keeping, event coordination and regular communications with families and government agencies. The position may also include providing IT support for staff and students, updating the school website and performing reception duties. Office experience, maturity and related post-secondary education, as well as basic First-Aid knowledge, is an asset.


For inquiries about any of these positions,  contact the Director, Mr. J. Heikoop at director@rcsnorwich.com or 519-532-5019. Cover letters and resumes may be sent to hr@rcsnorwich.com.


RCS Teacher Training

In addition to welcoming applications from certified teachers, those with a bachelor’s degree interested in our teaching training program are also encouraged to apply.  Our program allows for a blend of paid teaching together with support and training.  Inquiries can also be made to Jacqueline Scholten at executiveassistant@rcsnorwich.com.

Some Advantages of the RCS program:

  • Program allows candidate to begin teaching 2 years earlier
  • Compared with Ontario teacher’s training, our program saves new teachers $75,000-$150,000
  • Employment can begin immediately alongside practical training
  • Teacher qualification courses through Queen’s University are completed online

The school has the opportunity to give candidates teaching placements at various grade levels of their choice, both within the school and at associate schools of similar backgrounds

What do our staff love about working in Christian Education?

  • Helping children prepare for their future while building lasting relationships
  • Interacting with students and people every day
  • The variety and opportunities to be creative
  • Seeing students grow and progress, and being energized by learning breakthroughs
  • Sharing interests with students, make learning real, and experience teachable moments