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Land’s End Uniforms

PhysEd Wear:

Beginning in grade 6 (optional in grade 5), students are to wear a gym uniform which includes a T-shirt that can be purchased at the school. It also includes a track pant for boys and a gym skirt for girls. The track pants are to be navy; it may have a stripe but no lettering.

Traditionally we have asked parents to purchase the gym skirt from Lands’ End that we have selected. While some students are satisfied with the Lands’ End option, others find that it restricts movement. Therefore, parents may purchase a gym skirt at an alternative supplier, provided it complies with the following.

The skirt must:

  • be navy blue
  • allow for movement
  • not have high slits
  • reach the knee
  • either have built in shorts, or be worn with shorts underneath

See the sample below.

While parents are free to find their own supplier, here are a few online options to consider:

Children’s Place
Main Street Exchange Apparel
Modest Apparel USA 1
Modest Apparel USA 2